Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KICKSTARTER: This Is An Emergency Portfolio

I was invited by Meredith Stern to participate in THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, a print portfolio which focuses on reproductive rights and gender justice. I will be collaborating with Emmy Bright for THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.

In just over a day the project is almost funded, which is a testament to print collectors and the political climate, but any funds pledged over the amount will be well used. More cash---> more fabulous prints.

Thank for your support.

Click here to find out more about the project and read Stern's Statement of Purpose.

Over a dozen artists have already confirmed to create a print for this project and an artist will be printing the covers. Artists who have confirmed are: several members of Justseeds Cooperative including: Melanie Cervantes, Thea Gahr, Bec Young, Favianna Rodriguez, Mary Tremonte, Molly Fair, and Meredith Stern. Also participating are: Ian Cozzens of Secret Door Projects, Kristina Brown, Delia Kovac, Emmy Bright, Lois Harada, and Katrina Avocado. Each artist will be creating their own image, and hand printing them themselves.

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