Monday, September 27, 2010

New Old News

Hey I just found out that New City Art, a website "dedicated to news, reviews and features about Chicago’s visual art world". Voted Without You I am Nothing, one of the top 5 print shows in Chicago for 2009.

Here's the link.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

Finally the sink is together.

Here is the chassis is before its spray tan.

The magic of arc welding, no solder just steel throughout the seam.

Primer isn't pretty, but it is necessary.

The fumes started to get to me, I took a lot of pictures.

Now it is home. Awaiting the plumber.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Studio Build: molten metal

I am in the throws of building out my printshop. Today was my day in the metal shop. Along with a pal, we welded a steal chassis for my wayward sink legs. I still have to prime and paint it to avoid rust, but this was a very productive and successful day of work.
Beyond my undying gratitude for the skills, patience and pedagogy of Andrew O I was bowled over by the magic of arc welding. I might not be satisfied with just dragging a squeege over a screen now that I have used electrodes and gas shields.

Here are a few shots of our endeavors.

my new favorite blue object:

Upside down sink.

AO's best move. Steel is no match for it.

What could be more beautiful than a circle of sparks?

I think we need more drills:

Arc Welder my new best friend:

This is AO's nice looking weld:

This is my first weld:

After a little more angle grinding, and drilling-we have a finished product.

I am impressed with physics once again.

the welding itself was impossible to photograph:
so here is an image from wikipedia, enjoy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Somehow I knew I would end up in Saftey Equipement

Rhode Island is Buzzing in anticipation of tomorrow. For most it is because the primary election, but for me I have the added activity of welding a skirt for my sink. My trunk is full of Steel and spray paint. What could be better? I promise to take lots of pictures and wear close toed shoes.

I am happy that I might get to wear the dude approved opera gloves in the picture above. Thank you to Skinner Metal Products for the image.