Friday, March 9, 2007


These are stills from the video component of "Daedalus"
it is underneath the long drawing in the gallery shot from the last post.

There is a quote that is slowly revealed though the 12 minute loop which is

We are as Free As Birds

only Birds Arn't Free

We are as Committed as Bird


-John Cage, 1964

Thesis Show

These are some documentation taken by Jack A. this week. I am up late doing some video documentation. As silly as it is to to shoot video of video-its the only way I can figure to imortialize the odd sculpture/video/drawings I ended up making.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Studio Documentation early 2007

These images are from early 2007, of some 2d things I have been working on.
I have hosting a lot of crits this week (about 4 a day for the past 2 days) of my thesis show.
so I thought I would look my studio when I was actually making things and not just talking about them.

There are elements in on this wall that developed in to large scale peices. I promise to post my Thesis Show photos soon.