Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fancy Photos of FInished Work

So this is officially the end of my week of printing. Thanks to the AS220 printshop esp. Morgan for making all of this possible. I will continue to make and post work WEEKLY, so please check back in. I still have to make work for my solo show in December. I am sure I will be pulled in to presidential election image making this month. VOTE the BUMS out of OFFICE.
I willl post pics of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman houses printed on paper soon.
thanks for all the kind feedback. in person and on the internets.

who needs sleep when you got love?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

MonoPrint Process

first I took a picture

then I painted a positive with india ink and translucent paper.

then I had a positive

I shot a screen with that positive, which transfered the image on the positive to the screen.

Then I applied water-soluble crayons to the screen.

oooh look a blurry close-up.

Then I spread transperent base (think of screen printing ink with out color) on the image

then I forced the water soluable crayon though the screen on to a piece of paper, which looked something like this;

I printed the second pull on gessoed wood

and after all this action this is what my poor screen looks like. I hope it is worth it all...

Edition Screenprinting

I finally found my phone cord, so here is documentation of my printing process for my print for the Sustainable Show at AS220.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Here is the Truth. I got to finish this project by Sunday. I am really excited about this project. I am printing water solubale crayons through screen that I shot. I just took some crappy photos for you to see the difference in the pulls.

I don't think I am going to have to time to make the map that would connect all these locations together. So they will have to stand alone.
But I am not scared houses are pretty and popular.
listen to the news.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day Two: so quiet so productive

I just finished my edition for the Sustainable show. a full 2 weeks early.
I lost my cord to my phone so I hope you enjoy this wonky photo of my efforts. The built in camera on this computer likes to take pictures as if was a mirror. so unexplainable.
Please note authentic Photo-emulsion stain on my hands.

Also I found out a wonderful fact, when you print yellow ink it disappears in the safety light, making you think that you forgot to print the background layer.

I am getting a reputation at the printshop for never leaving, I am unsure if this engendering respect or pity from the regulars.

I had some set backs and triumphs today. I had to reshoot the guniea pigs this afternoon. but all and all if everyday of the rest of my printing life was anything like to day, I am very lucky.

there is a preview of the new RISD museum building this Friday. I might leave the studio long enough to attend. Also the AS220 Print lottery is this Saturday. I also might attend, but I kinda am chained to some deadlines.

Wednesday-no limits on imagination*

I got a lot done today. I did a reconnaissance mission on the east side to document some buildings. I hopefully will be drawing 2 new positives tomorrow from the info I gathered. I still have to determine an address on Vernon st. But I think I am gonna make the MOSF deadline. I finished the first 2 layers of my print for the sustainable show. so I am half done.

So Its odd to be in a group shop again. I have to do all these things in public that I usually have tinkered with in private. Also my ipod has been shaming me-I really don't know why I have a Hannah Montana song in there (I vaguely remember an idea to do a drag act as Hillary Clinton to it. Who Says has a refrain that says "who says I can't be president I say I say you haven't seen nothing yet c'mon make some noise every girl has a choice do your own parade I do it my way"). But despite my future plans of subversion I felt like a dorky creep when it slipped out loudly on the printshop speakers around 11pm last night, I think I blushed.

I am playing with what I am printing on and what I am printing with. I brought a slab of wood with me. I prepped one side of it with clear gesso and the remaining side I left bare. I mono-printed some blue cran d'arche (water soluble wax crayons) through a screen. I also printed brown ink. i both of these techniques on both sides to see the difference in their adhesion. Though both were effective methods, i am going to go through the extra expense and time of gesso the boards-to ensure that my work is vaguely archival.

*this is also part of that damned HM song.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost Day One

Well well well

I shot and proofed a screen for the MOSF show last night.
and after asking around I solved the exposure problem, it seems you have to sit on top of the board, kind of like the Dirt Palace's set up, except the AS220 shop's is taller and smaller. I hope i don't crack my head open.

I remember the old AS220 printshop, which was in the basement of the 115 Empire st building. We used full paint cans on top of foam. Very often you had to brush off roaches that were lurking on the foam. Ah memories.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Night: Slow Start

some Sundays you wake up and you know its going to special, possibly because the paper and coffee are ready for you or maybe your bulbs just flowered. I knew this Sunday was gonna be special when outside my front door the neighbors' cat (who i love) was violently choking the life out of a full-sized and fully screaming squirrel. I love squirrels I never ever wanna hear one scream again.

and here are some pictures of my time at the shop.
I'm still learning how to get tight lines off the non-vacuum exposing table.
I will try again tomorrow.

the real good Charlotte

someday these will be wallets.

September Project

I am taking a week off my 9-5 job to make art.
I thought I would share what unfolds, as it unfolds with you.
I plan to post pictures of the process for the next week or so by noon.

I will be printing at the AS220 PrintShop from about 1PM- 1AM everyday-ish starting on Wednesday.

Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks for your interest. I am looking forward to a hot mess.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Shows in the Next 2 Months

My work will be featured at 2 different shows in Rhode Island

In October:

The Museum of Small Finds
Exhibit at the Machines with Magnets Gallery in Pawtucket

and in November

The Sustainable print show @ the AS220 main Gallery. There is not much info on line yet but I found this