Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Studio Build: molten metal

I am in the throws of building out my printshop. Today was my day in the metal shop. Along with a pal, we welded a steal chassis for my wayward sink legs. I still have to prime and paint it to avoid rust, but this was a very productive and successful day of work.
Beyond my undying gratitude for the skills, patience and pedagogy of Andrew O I was bowled over by the magic of arc welding. I might not be satisfied with just dragging a squeege over a screen now that I have used electrodes and gas shields.

Here are a few shots of our endeavors.

my new favorite blue object:

Upside down sink.

AO's best move. Steel is no match for it.

What could be more beautiful than a circle of sparks?

I think we need more drills:

Arc Welder my new best friend:

This is AO's nice looking weld:

This is my first weld:

After a little more angle grinding, and drilling-we have a finished product.

I am impressed with physics once again.

the welding itself was impossible to photograph:
so here is an image from wikipedia, enjoy.

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