Monday, July 18, 2011

New Project: Natural Pigments


I decided to make my concern about my health and my own studio's toxicity into a project. I am slowly researching how to make my own pigments from plants I can grow myself. According to Rita Buchanan author of A Dyer's Garden I am already growing a prime pigment flower, Coreopsis.

I am talking to Kremer Pigments in NYC about non-deadly colorfast additives.

If anyone has any advice or resources please send them my way. I will post my progress here.

And according to you can make yarn to look like this with Coreopsis:

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George O'Hanlon said...

There are many natural mineral pigments available in the earth. You can usually find different types of natural iron oxide pigments in road cuts and recent excavations. Look for bright yellow and red earths.

You can see many of these types of pigments at Natural Pigments.