Monday, March 15, 2010

Ink and Lasers Ink Ink and Lasers!

Hey kids are you ready for the best of both worlds?
I am teaching a class with Jenine Bressner. The class is one of the first collaborations between the as220 printshop and fab lab. We are very excited about the endless possibilities. Wanna sign up? click the link below.

Beyond Screenprinting:
Experimental Techniques with Lasers and Ink

This intensive inaugural course will do its best to bridge the gap between traditional and digital printing technology. Participants will be challenged to expand their printmaking knowledge beyond traditional techniques to include experimental monoprinting techniques with ink and lasers. Students will be introduced to the fine art applications of laser cutting on paper and cloth. Participants will learn advanced methods of handprinting (i.e. relief, intaglio with a slight focus on screenprinting applications) . This course will be team taught with time split between the printshop and the fablab. A basic knowledge of screenprinting is required and a basic knowledge of digital image editing is suggested. Participants should arrive with a commitment to experimentation and be ready for failure and triumph in equal amounts.

Monday April 12, 5-9pm at Print Shop,
Monday April 19, 5-9pm at Fab Lab team taught by Delia and Jenine
Sunday April 25, 5-9pm at Fab Lab team taught by Delia and Jenine
Monday April 26, 5-9pm at Print Shop, Taught by Delia

above image from Mulšk. I found it on the laser cutting blog.

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