Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wet Walls/ Winter Woes.

I live in the Northeastern United States. It has been an amazingly wet winter. There seems to be a cycle of snow, freezing rain and back to snow. There are large unyielding piles of snow on the edges of all the streets in Providence. A wee bit ago, I noticed that my dry wall wasn't so dry, in fact it was soft. Cutting into the wall to investigate we found what we thought was black mold. Horrors! We brought in a mold expert who ripped apart the wall further to reveal no mold, just wet walls. We are letting them breath and dry.

I moved all my materials behind a makeshift plastic wall as a precaution. It kinda looks like that scene from ET.

I know there is no normal. But I am looking forward to getting my studio up and running.

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