Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday-no limits on imagination*

I got a lot done today. I did a reconnaissance mission on the east side to document some buildings. I hopefully will be drawing 2 new positives tomorrow from the info I gathered. I still have to determine an address on Vernon st. But I think I am gonna make the MOSF deadline. I finished the first 2 layers of my print for the sustainable show. so I am half done.

So Its odd to be in a group shop again. I have to do all these things in public that I usually have tinkered with in private. Also my ipod has been shaming me-I really don't know why I have a Hannah Montana song in there (I vaguely remember an idea to do a drag act as Hillary Clinton to it. Who Says has a refrain that says "who says I can't be president I say I say you haven't seen nothing yet c'mon make some noise every girl has a choice do your own parade I do it my way"). But despite my future plans of subversion I felt like a dorky creep when it slipped out loudly on the printshop speakers around 11pm last night, I think I blushed.

I am playing with what I am printing on and what I am printing with. I brought a slab of wood with me. I prepped one side of it with clear gesso and the remaining side I left bare. I mono-printed some blue cran d'arche (water soluble wax crayons) through a screen. I also printed brown ink. i both of these techniques on both sides to see the difference in their adhesion. Though both were effective methods, i am going to go through the extra expense and time of gesso the boards-to ensure that my work is vaguely archival.

*this is also part of that damned HM song.

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