Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day Two: so quiet so productive

I just finished my edition for the Sustainable show. a full 2 weeks early.
I lost my cord to my phone so I hope you enjoy this wonky photo of my efforts. The built in camera on this computer likes to take pictures as if was a mirror. so unexplainable.
Please note authentic Photo-emulsion stain on my hands.

Also I found out a wonderful fact, when you print yellow ink it disappears in the safety light, making you think that you forgot to print the background layer.

I am getting a reputation at the printshop for never leaving, I am unsure if this engendering respect or pity from the regulars.

I had some set backs and triumphs today. I had to reshoot the guniea pigs this afternoon. but all and all if everyday of the rest of my printing life was anything like to day, I am very lucky.

there is a preview of the new RISD museum building this Friday. I might leave the studio long enough to attend. Also the AS220 Print lottery is this Saturday. I also might attend, but I kinda am chained to some deadlines.

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