Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Scrubbing...Had me a blast...

I've been slowly building out a new printshop. I thought I would share some internet resources that I have been drawing upon in case anyone out there is interested.

In general all you need for a sceenprinting shop is a surface to print on, and exposing unit, and a sink to clean your screens.

Originally I was going to build a washout booth based on Steve, The Screen Printing Guy's plans. But I couldn't find a shower stall in my budget.

So, I pumped Alec Thibodeau aka INK APE for information about his similarly sized setup. Mr. Thibodeau makes amazing work and cleans his screens in a humble utility sink. So, I started looking for a sink large enough to wash out my screens. After a week of internet searching I found one. Luckily the seller was able to deliver it in his truck. Thank you Chris. Thank you craigslist!

I spent this afternoon, washing and polishing my new sink, without the benefit of running water. I used a lot of Bar Keeper's Friend. And even more baking soda and vinegar. I used a bucket as a drain catch.

I have plans to make a print table that looks something like the work tables at the Crane Arts Building in Philly.

and create a portable fabric printing surface. Here is a tutorial from Michelle SaintOnge's Print Cut Sew Blog. She posts great screenprinting tutorials. FYI-I think she might be "sponsored" by some art suppliers.

Now I am onto getting the water running....

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