Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up & Coming: New Printmakers make their Mark @ the Hunterdon Art Museum

I am please to report that one of my masks Forest for the Trees

will be on display in New Jersey at the Hunterdon Art Museum.

June 14th - September 13th, 2009
Opening Reception Sunday June 28th 2-4 PM

(I heart New Jersey)


ainesse said...

Hi there Delia

I just had to leave you a note saying that I think this printmaking piece is wonderful.!!

I see mention of SGC here on your blog so wonder if you are on Interaction?

best wishes

Do you know Alice Mahar's work - she is a highly acclaimed Irish artist -- did some photos where she is photographed wearing a mask or covering of the head that she created. She has twigs coming out of the top of her head.

Great Image- she is an all round interesting artist in any event.
just found the link to the piece

best wishes


ainesse said...

Meant to say INKTERACTION.......

DeBop said...


Thanks so much for the nice comment. I am not familiar with Alice Mahar's work. I did spend some time on her website today and it looks pretty amazing. Thanks for telling me about her. I am in fact on Inkteraction, although I am not very diligent about checking my account...

Best Wishes to you as well.