Saturday, February 14, 2009

News from Beyond Printmaking

I just received a copy of the Beyond Printmaking Exhibition Catalog. In Curator Holly Morrision's statement there is a short mention of my piece:

"In Delia Kovac's Surface Read, a small television lies hunkered in the corner underneath the skin of [a] delicately drawn, enigmatic, crumbled paper map. Facing skyward, the glow of the outmoded cathode ray television taking refuge under such a high-tough material, presents us with a technological swan song.

Profound strands of meaning surfaced in the process of the viewing works submitted for this exhibition. I perceived artists contending with ideas of violence and conflict, struggle and loss, retreat and transcendence. The works included, utilizing a myriad of printed formats, give voice to complex aspects of contemporary culture elevating the means, to ends beyond printmaking."

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