Friday, October 31, 2008

Sustainable: Visions for a Living Planet Opens SUNDAY

Image copywrite M. Stern

Calling all dystopian and utopian visionaries and dreamers! What is your vision of a sustainable future? How can humans co-exist peacefully with our environment? WHat are your thoughts or responses to the theme of sustainability? Are we doomed to annihilation? Will a greener city sprout from our cracking pavements?

This is a collaborative printmaking exhibition featuring 26 local RI artists and 10 members of the Just Seeds/ Visual Resistance Cooperative. This show creates an opportunity for local and national printmakers to engage in a visual dialog on the theme of sustainability.

Print prices range from $2-$300. The average price is only around $40. Affordable!

Artists include: Arley- Rose Torsone, Andrew Oesch, Beatrice McGeoch, Bec Young, Ben Fino-Radin, Caroline Paquita, Chandler Hearn, Chris Stain, Colin Matthes, Cybele Collins, Delia Kovac, Dylan Miner, Erik Ruin, Erin Rosenthal & Leif Goldberg, Greg Pennisten, Heidi Born, Jay Zehngebot, Jen Daltry, Jenine Bressner, Jola Bielat, Jomas Daconceicao, Josh MacPhee, Lu Heintz, Mary Tremonte, Meg Turner, Meredith Stern, Mickey Collette, Mike Taylor, Nicolas Lampert, Pete Yahnke, Scott Reber, Shawn Gilheeney, Victoria Lockard, Wavelady, William Schaff

Open reception: Sunday November 2, 2008 from 4-7pm at AS220
115 Empire Street, Providence RI (401-831-9327)

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